Dallas May 06, 2019 (Business Wire)

Nearly 4.7 million business users worldwide trust Mitel for their public, private and hybrid cloud communications and collaboration solutions

طبق تحقیقات گروه سینرژی در سال 2019 ،شرکت مایتل به عنوان ابرقدرت ارائه خدمات ارتباطی بر روی ابر و اجاره سرویس شناخته شده است . در حال حاضر سرویسهای شرکت مایتل بر روی  پلتفرم ابری شرکت گوگل فعال بوده و تمام زیرساختهای امنیتی فعال مب باشد . شرکت زیرا نیز  به عنوان نماینده مایتل در ایران آماده ارائه راهکارهای مبتنی بر ابر بوده و زیر ساختهای لازم را فراهم نموده است .

• Businesses seek greater flexibility and choice in communications and collaboration deployment models as evidenced by consistent growth in Mitel cloud solutions
• Mitel’s cloud solutions are now built on the Google Cloud Platform for optimum security and reliability

For the seventh year in a row, Synergy Research Group has named Mitel as the leader in total cloud seats with close to 4.7 million users worldwide – more than 1.5 million seats ahead of the next closest competitor.

An independent research firm and industry authority on market share tracking for IT and cloud, Synergy first began issuing its Cloud Business Communication Market Share Report in 2012. Since the report’s inception, Mitel has consistently ranked as the leading provider of cloud-based unified communications and collaboration solutions for organizations worldwide.

Mitel recognizes that fast-moving businesses of all sizes are looking to take advantage of the flexibility and capability of cloud technologies. With the unique ability to offer public, private and hybrid cloud options, Mitel is able to help customers take advantage of advanced unified communications and collaboration strategies through a deployment model that best suits their needs. Mitel cloud solutions also leverage the Google Cloud Platform to offer customers optimal levels of security, stability and compliance, as well as access to advanced AI, machine learning and analytics.